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Doctor Who 50th anniversary party!! Every good party has fezzes, bananas, and jelly babies… in fact, it’s not quite a party without them.

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Matilda by Charlotte Olympia



I can’t even walk in heels that high and I want them.

sweet mercy these shoes are both terrifying and beautiful. GIMME.

I’ll rock these babies all winter downtown on the pavement don’t even care.

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OlaDesign (Canada) - #1: Morning Glory  #2: Carolyn  #3: Serenity  #4: Gypsy  #5: Melt Away Memory  #6: Aphrodite Rising   Paintings: Watercolors, Inks

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Fairy Tales by Abigail Larson

(From the top: The Little Mermaid, Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty & The Beast, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.)

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Nick Lake, In Darkness

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Watercolor feathers



Differences between Marvel Thor and Norse mythology Thor:

Ok, so this is just a quick little post about the major differences between the Marvel Universe’s Thor and actual mythological Thor. Nothing too fancy y’know? P.S: Yes this will mainly be about Thor’s portrayal in movies because myself and most people are familiar with that portrayal over comic book Thor. I am a fan of the movies and Marvel itself, but you gotta admit they are pretty inaccurate compared to the original Norse mythology.

Yes both the Norse and the Marvel Universe acknowledge Thor as a defender with a mighty hammer. But that seems to be where the similarities end.

  • Marvel Thor is blond, Myth Thor is red-head.
    The images pretty much say it all. The Nordics believed Thor to be a red-head rather than a blond. Why Marvel went with blond back in 1962 (Thor’s comic debut) is beyond me, maybe due to the fact most Scandinavians are, or maybe they thought blond would be more appealing and bring in more ratings? I dunno.
  • Marvel Thor is rather “clean-shaven” compared to Myth Thor.
    While in the movies Thor isn’t exactly clean faced but myth Thor was clearly flaunting his amazingly grown beard. Breads were viewed as a sign of masculinity with Vikings and so to have Thor portrayed without an amazing beard is like changing who Thor was.
  • Marvel Thor is in love with Jane Foster, Myth Thor is married to Sif.
    Jane Foster is the woman Movie Thor adores and would do anything to protect her. This is severely inaccurate compared to myth Thor. He was by all regards a family man, married to Sif the goddess of housekeeping, fertility, and is thought to be a shield maiden. And they had children. Sorry Jane.
  • Marvel Thor’s brother is Loki, Myth Thor’s uncle is Loki.
    In mythology, Loki is Odin’s blood brother which kind of makes him Thor’s uncle. The two are very close, there’s in no doubt about that, but adopted brothers? Nope.
  • Marvel Thor is banished by Odin, Myth Thor has never been exiled from Asgard by Odin.
    Something made completely up to push the plot in the 1st Thor movie. There’s no recorded story that Odin ever banished Thor for being too brash. Besides, Odin is in no position to say that, in myths he’s often the one starting fights too.
  • Marvel Thor just needs his hands to call Mjolnir (hammer), Myth Thor needs special gloves and a belt.
    I’ll admit it, the way Marvel Thor calls his hammer is pretty damn cool, but not very accurate. To wield the hammer, he requires special gloves to lift it and a belt to harness all the power it contains. Both of which are view-able in the above picture. And yes, in both versions Mjolnir does return like a boomerang.
  • The shape of Mjolnir
    It looks like what we think a hammer should look like right? Well in mythology, Mjolnir had a rather different shape, mainly because of Loki taking part in a bet. It looked a bit like this:

  • Marvel Thor flies around with Mjolnir, Myth Thor needs his chariot of goats.
    Yes it is awesome how he just swings the hammer in a circle and whoosh! Off he goes! However, myth Thor counts on his trusty goat steads, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr to fly.


Every weekend or so he cooks and eats his chariot goats and then when he’s done he resurrects them with his hammer.

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"What Disney Characters ALMOST Looked Like”